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What do you look forward to with school starting?
 Something to do, I am getting bored
 A chance to see some friends I missed during the summer
 Football and other sports starting
 Activities I am in, band, chorus, yearbook, student council, STEM, FFA, ect....
 It's my senior year of high school
 Meeting a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend
 Seeing a teacher I really missed
 Being back in a routine
 I'm a Freshman, this is my first year
 School events - plays, sports, Homecoming and Prom
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 Teens and Sex Survey

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Teens and Sex Survey - check all that you have an opinion about, or believe is true with other kids your age
 Most people my age are not having sex
 I would not have sex now because it is against my beliefs.
 My parents would be very upset if they believed I was having sex
 My parents wouldn't care if they found out I was having sex if I used condoms and birth control.
 Most of my friends think having sex while you're in high school is normal
 It is OK for people my age to have sex if they are in love
 If I have sex without using birth control, I will probably get pregnant/or get my partner pregnant
 Most of my friends believe condoms should always be used if a person my age has sex
 Most young people use birth control when they have sex
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-_- Colin -_-
-_- Colin -_-

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Teens and Sex Survey Empty
PostSubject: Teens and Sex Survey   Teens and Sex Survey EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 3:48 pm

All of us are curious about what other kids are age are doing, and how they feel about sex. I want to see how everyone else feels or what they believe so please check everything you feel strongly about.
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Kidz Club Member

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Teens and Sex Survey Empty
PostSubject: Re: Teens and Sex Survey   Teens and Sex Survey EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 4:36 pm

This type of survey here where people do not have to leave their name, is a good one because everyone would be more honest about how they feel when it comes to sex.
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Teens and Sex Survey
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