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A summer fun survey - check your age group then all that apply to you or that you have done
 I'm a kid my age is 13 or below
 I'm a teen - my age is 14-18
 I have more than 1 best friend
 I have a crush on someone
 I am in a relationship with someone
 I get along with my parents
 Teen Lounge is the only chat room I go to
 I have gone swimming naked in my pool before when no one was around
 I like to go fishing
 Summer is my favorite season
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 Have you ever?

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Have you ever /do you survey for teens and preteens
Seen your boyfriend/girlfriend naked
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap8%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 8% [ 6 ]
Ever snuck out of the house or snuck someone in
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap15%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 15% [ 11 ]
Been caught by your parents while doing anything intimate with someone
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap7%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 7% [ 5 ]
Ridden or raced in shopping carts
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap19%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 19% [ 14 ]
Self-mutilated or had an eating disorder
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap4%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 4% [ 3 ]
Have a family that is a dysfunctional mess
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap7%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 7% [ 5 ]
Listen to music that contains screaming or lots of profanity
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap16%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 16% [ 12 ]
GUYS- carry condoms around or have condoms
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap7%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 7% [ 5 ]
Listen to hard rock, metal, punk, grunge or hardcore gangster rap
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap11%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 11% [ 8 ]
Put yourself in a very risky dangerous situation
Have you ever? I_vote_lcap6%Have you ever? I_vote_rcap
 6% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 74



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Have you ever? Empty
PostSubject: Have you ever?   Have you ever? I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 03, 2019 12:52 pm

Just a 'have you ever/do you' survey from random questions. Please check all that apply that you have ever done.
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Have you ever?
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