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Parental Controls - Do any of your parents use parental controls on your phone (such as (app block) (family base of call times on school nights or texts) 2. your laptop or desktop which includes checking your laptop history? Also please indicate your age
 they use phone controls
 laptop or desktop - check history or look thru it
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 Comparison and facts

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Baller Prince
Baller Prince

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PostSubject: Comparison and facts   Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:42 pm

Okay, so here is a fact - compared to 20 years ago, males have evolved so we have higher testosterone than previous generations.. it’s for survival.. we are more fertile at much younger ages.. than before.. we also have super high testosterone levels.. which means hormone fluctuations.
We all develop and start puberty at different ages, some more developed than others. Just a reminder to everyone from a few comments I hear in the chat room from a couple of our 12-13 year olds, don't beat yourself up because a friend of yours is bigger or has more hair than you do,or can make sperm, it's hereditary. Nothing is wrong with you, when you get your school physical the Doctor checks when he checks you for a hernia, to make sure you are developing normal.
So relax guys as far as your development, let nature handle it, you are fine.
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Comparison and facts
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