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Your favorite scary movies to watch on or near Halloween
 Halloween - Michael Meyers
 Friday the 13th - Jason Voorhees
 Nightmare on Elm Street -with none other than Mr Freddy Kruger
 The Adams Family
 Walking Dead series
 I know what you did last summer
 Trick or Treat
 Other horror movie
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 'Have you Ever' survey

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Have you ever?
 Drove you parents car without your license or permit without them knowing it?
 Done something you hope no one ever finds out about?
 Have you ever tee peed someones yard?
 Have you ever dated someone for more then a year?
 Have you ever farted in church or some other public place and tried to blame it on someone else?
 Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
 Have you ever danced naked in your room?
 Have you ever drank milk from the carton when no one was watching?
 Have you ever worn the same underwear two days in a row?
 Have you ever had your cell phone ring at an embarrassing moment?
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PostSubject: 'Have you Ever' survey   Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:13 am

Thought about a fun survey for us, called the "Have You Ever Survey", please check all that you have ever done, should be interesting to see the results. And since you do not have to reveal who you are, I have feeling everyone will be pretty honest. Also, should make for a good topic in the chat room.
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'Have you Ever' survey
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